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Surprise Attack by Ivan Berryman. (B)- Ivan Berryman .com
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Surprise Attack by Ivan Berryman. (B)

Surprise Attack by Ivan Berryman. (B)

The German crew of a Type VII U-boat man the guns as their submarine comes under a surprise attack from a Beaufighter of Coastal Command.
Item Code : B0235BSurprise Attack by Ivan Berryman. (B) - This Edition
PRINT Knights Cross Presentation edition of 1 print only, supplied double mounted.

Size 16 inches x 12 inches (41cm x 31cm) Kretschmer, Otto (matted)
Scholtz, Klaus (matted)
+ Artist : Ivan Berryman

Signature(s) value alone : £130

All prices on our website are displayed in British Pounds Sterling

Other editions of this item : Surprise Attack by Ivan Berryman.B0235
PRINTSigned limited edition of 35 prints.
Great value : Value of signatures exceeds price of item!
Image size 12 inches x 9 inches (31cm x 22cm) Oesten, Jurgen
+ Artist : Ivan Berryman

Signature(s) value alone : £75
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Limited edition of 15 artist proofs. Image size 12 inches x 9 inches (31cm x 22cm) Oesten, Jurgen
+ Artist : Ivan Berryman

Signature(s) value alone : £75
£20 Off!Add any two items on this offer to your basket, and the lower priced item will be half price in the checkout!Now : £110.00VIEW EDITION...
Original pencil drawing by Ivan Berryman.

SOLD (£420, March 2010)
Size 16 inches x 12 inches (41cm x 31cm) Oesten, Jurgen
+ Artist : Ivan Berryman

Signature(s) value alone : £75
General descriptions of types of editions :

Signatures on this item
*The value given for each signature has been calculated by us based on the historical significance and rarity of the signature. Values of many pilot signatures have risen in recent years and will likely continue to rise as they become more and more rare.

Klaus Scholtz (deceased)
*Signature Value : £60 (matted)

Klaus Scholtz commanded U-108 during World War Two, sinking a total tonnage of 111,546 tons. He was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves, and was the Kriegsmarines 18th ranked u-boat Ace. Klaus Scholtz joined the German Navy in 1927 and before the outbreak of world war two, spent his first naval years on the german Torpedo Boats G-8, G-11 and Jaguar. He joined the U-boat arm of the Kriegsmarine in April 1940 and joined the new Type IXB U-Boat U-108 sailing on their first patrol in February 1941 where U-108 sank 2 ships. in April 1941 on their second patrol in the Straits of Denmark, U-108 sank the AMC Rajputana, the British Armed Merchant Cruiser. Klaus Scholtz commanded U-108 on three more Atalantic patrols, and in January 1942 Scholtz took U-108 to join the U-baot attacks on Allied shipping of the Coast of the US sinking five more ships. He had a further two more patrols until October 1942 when Klaus Scholtz became the commander of the 12th Flotilla based at Bordeaux. The 12th Flotilla was equipped with long range U-Boats which operated in the South Atalntic and also the Indian Ocean. Scholtz commanded this flotilla until August 1944. he was captured by the Americans and spent 18 mpnths as a prisoner of war. Klaus Scholtz died 1st May 1987

The signature of Otto Kretschmer (deceased)

Otto Kretschmer (deceased)
*Signature Value : £70 (matted)

Otto Kretschmer was born in May 1912, joining the navy in 1930, and transferring to u-boats in 1936. He was the Watch Officer aboard U-35 from 3rd November 1936 to 30th July 1937. He briefly took command of U-35 after the death of the Captain, Hermann Michahelles, assuming command until 15th August 1937, after which he was Watch Officer once again until 30th September 1937. During this time, U-35 was involved in the Spanish Civil WarHe was in command of U-23 at the outbreak of war in 1939, and had successful patrols with U-23 which included the sinking of HMS Daring, before taking command of U-99 in April 1940. In March 1941, Kretschmer was captured after scuttling U-99 due to damage suffered from depth charges from British destroyer HMS Walker. After his capture, Kretschmer was imprisoned until December 1947. Despite his capture early in the war, Kretschmers total tonnage sunk of over 273 thousand tons was enough to make him the top scoring u-boat Ace of the war. Kretschmer was awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. Otto Kretschmer died 5th August 1998.
The Aircraft :
BeaufighterBRISTOL BEAUFIGHTER The Bristol Beaufighter was a Torpedo Bomber and had a crew of two. with a maximum speed of 330mph and a ceiling of 29,000 feet. maximum normal range of 1500 miles but could be extended to 1750 miles. The Bristol Beaufighter carried four 20mm cannon in the belly of the aircraft and upto six .303in browning machine guns in the wings. it could also carry eight 3 -inch rockets, 1605 lb torpedo or a bomb load of 1,000 lb. The Bristol Beaufighter first flew in July 1939 and with some modifications entered service with the Royal Air Force in July 1940. In the winter of 1940 - 1941 the Beaufighter was used as a night fighter. and in March 1941 the aircraft was used at Coastal Command as a long range strike aircraft. and in 1941, the Beaufighter arrived in North Africa and used as a forward ground attack aircraft. The Bristol Beaufighter was used also in India, Burma and Australia. A total of 5,564 Beaufighters were built until production in Britain finished in 1945, but a further 364 were built in Australia for the Australian Air Force

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